Relaxation is not mere luxury: we need it. During extended periods of stress, digestion, circulation, immunity and other body functions are impaired. Stress causes sleep disturbances, enhances negative emotions such as irritability, anxiety or depression. It is also known to exacerbate symptoms of many health conditions.

Regardless of the focus of treatment, Mye attempts to incorporate at least a few moments of relaxation into each session. Techniques that soothe the nervous system and trigger a decrease in stress hormones help renew calm. When relaxed, our bodies function optimally. We think more clearly. We have more energy. We simply feel better.

Mye encourages regular intervals of mindful relaxation. It may seem impossible to make time for daily respites from the demands of work and home, but developing the habit will help improve your overall health and productivity.

Quit worrying about your health. It'll go away.
-  Robert Orben