intial session

Initial consulations are 90 minutes in length. The session entails assessment of specific problems and review of your general health and any referring practitioner's recommendations. Paper work is required. Please arrive to your scheduled appointment on time to ensure ample time for treatment. If you have concerns regarding the appropriateness of treatment, you may contact Mye to discuss or you may contact your primary care physician directly.

Many people who have never experienced bodywork are concerned about the process. We have heard a variety of reasons why people, both male and female, are hesitant to try muscular therapy. Be assured that Mye is a professional, respectful of your concerns and fully prepared to address them. She informs you of what you can expect prior to treatment and until you are at ease with her and her approach, she also describes her actions as she works. Mye encourages you to ask questions and discuss your anxieties at any time during the session. You gain the greatest benefit from muscular therapy when you are able to relax. Your comfort and safety are priority.

Our office is a neutral, professional environment, decorated in calming earth tones and quiet, elegant landscapes. We cater to both genders.

If I'd known I was gonna live this long,
I'd have taken better care of myself.
-  Eubie Blake, age 100