Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob has had two knee replacement surgeries. He started working with another muscular therapist just before his second knee replacement in 2001 and found huge benefits. Due to scheduling problems with his previous therapist, he was referred to Mye.

Dr. Bob came to us with two major complaints - shoulder pain in the right shoulder and foot pain in the right heel. He experienced pain when abducting his arm (~10° above horizontal) and also experienced intermittent pain when walking and standing. In addition to working with Mye, Dr. Bob sought the care of a podiatrist. He was diagnosed with bursitis of the subachilles bursa and was fitted with orthotics to correct pronation. His knee replacements had altered his stance and gait and he was beginning to feel the effects.

During Mye's initial assessment of Dr. Bob, she found that he had shortness in muscles of the chest, rotator cuff, hips, and posterior thigh and leg. Of even greater significance, she felt that Dr. Bob's fascia was considerably dehydrated, a condition that restricts movement and flexibility. When we asked about his consumption of liquids, Dr. Bob stated that he regularly drank coffee or ice tea, both of which contain caffeine and contribute to diuresis / dehydration. Mye suggested he incorporate water into his diet.

Dr. Bob reports huge changes. He states that he is drinking up to 8 cups of water each day (gradually increased over the course of 9 weeks), is feeling more energetic, and is drinking much less coffee (and surprisingly not missing it). He has the energy to exercise and stretch and is making time daily to do a little of each. Because he is diligent in his self-care, Mye is able to treat him more aggressively, focusing on creating more length and space in his posterior leg, thigh, and hip. She is utilizing myofascial techniques and PNF (proprioceptor neuromuscular fascilitated) stretching to accomplish treatment goals. Mye has found trigger points in the upper trapezius, supraspinatus and subscapularis of his right side and has cleared most of those with neuromuscular techniques and stretching. Dr. Bob is able to painlessly abduct his right arm 90° above horizontal. He states that his legs feel better than they have in a long time, that he is walking more comfortably, and that is able to bend over easily to reach low lying objects, a considerable feat for a 6' 7" individual.

Dr. Bob is an extremely creative and talented craftsman. His goal is to be healthy enough to build stone walls in his garden. Mye fully intends to help him meet that goal.

"His muscles are feeling renewed flexibility and his energy levels are much better," his wife of 35 years states. "I'm so happy to see my husband happier, more comfortable and healthier. Thanks so much, Mye." - Ella Carlson

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.
-  Mark Twain