You can find us in the Professional Suites at Teamworks Acton.

Salubris Muscular Therapy, LLC
30 Great Road, Suite 202
Acton, MA 01720

solicitation calls are not accepted

View printable directions with image.

See Google Maps for our location relative to Route 2A and the Concord / Route 2 traffic circle.
From the Route 2 traffic circle, take Route 2A West / Route 119 West.
30 Great Road is on your LEFT, almost immediately after you cross from Concord into Acton. A small / low TEAMWORKS sign is on the left, opposite the big salmon / coral building (NOW Interior Designs) on the right.
Take the LEFT into the drive. STOP before crossing a single-lane bridge. Immediately after the bridge, the TEAMWORKS building lies straight ahead. A climbing tower and two slate blue buildings sit off to the left. The Professional Suites at Teamworks are in the ATTATCHED slate blue building, not the stand-alone structure.
Veer LEFT to drive past the tower, between the two slate blue buildings. The Professional Suites are now be on your RIGHT.
Loop around to the REAR of the Professional Suites. An image exists below.
Park in any available spot that is not marked.
You should see signage for SALUBRIS MUSCULAR THERAPY, LLC on the rear entrance.
Enter the building at the SALUBRIS MUSCULAR THERAPY, LLC entrance and turn to your RIGHT to pass through another door marked with SMT logo. ChiroPro Performance Center will be straight ahead. The stairs to the second floor are immediately to the left of ChiroPro's door.
Salubris Muscular Therapy, LLC is to your left, towards the lot where you parked, after you've climbed the stairs. There is no longer a waiting area within the suite. If you are early and the door is locked, you may have to wait in the hallway until Mye is ready to see you.